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On Sept 5th of 2015 I was fortunate enough to be a part of Lauren & Drew’s very unique day. Months prior to the wedding they had brought me out to Camp Lakamaga near Marine on St. Croix. During the summer months they hold girls scout camp here. So this was definitely a challenge, to transform a girl scout camp into a rustic woodsy yet very elegant atmosphere. Sometimes I had to laugh to myself because during this whole process I think Lauren, Drew & myself were the only ones that could actually picture the end result! The landscape was spectacular and so natural. After meeting with the couple I knew this venue meshed perfectly with their personalities. So laid back, earthy with a warm feel. This is my ultimate goal as a wedding planner, to bring out the couples lives and passions into the big day of celebrating the love they have for each other.

Normally I would start this story on the day, but Lauren & Drew’s celebration started early. They had close friends and family to the camp on Friday to help celebrate their rehearsal dinner. In which they had hired a Wood Fire Pizza Truck to come onsite and cook for them and their guests. I happened to still be around setting up for the next day and was lucky enough to snag a slice. Mmaazziing, it brought such a fun ambiance to the evening that ended in s’mores provided by the couple.

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Saturday began with the ladies getting ready in Stillwater, where they had brunch before hair and makeup which was done by Amy, the maid of honor. The gentleman spent the night at the camp and woke up early to help me hang a few outdoor café lights. This was a last minute decision to have the dance outside because the weather had permitted. I was up for the challenge. A little trail headed through the woods into a large beautiful field, this is where the ceremony would take place. Thank you to Ultimate Events for delivering drapery and wood back chairs. Rustic Elegance began to drape the pavilion with white satin where the wedding party would tuck away. We placed 257 chairs perfectly, facing a beautiful arch Drew had made for Lauren. The arch was perfectly pieced together with greenery by Laine Moire Floral Design. They also assisted with the centerpieces for the reception. I have to say the way the head table was layered with greenery was absolutely immaculate.

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Lauren & Drew decided to share snacks with their guests during the ceremony in which they provided 2 different infused waters 1 being a blackberry sage the other was strawberry basil. The couple also provided an assortment of popcorn. This idea was a big hit with the guests. Grab your beverage a small bag of popcorn along with your program and enjoy the love story unfolding before your eyes. While we finished setting up the ceremony Keys Cafe arrived with the small wedding cake & delicious cupcakes. Later in the evening they would share a table with homemade pies which the aunts partook in making.

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The wedding party began to arrive, while the couple finished up their last minute touches. Drew awaits Lauren down by the lake, Lauren then takes her stroll through the woods to meet the man she will spend the rest of her life with. Levi Tijerina was the amazing, well-traveled photographer with a creative eye for detail who captured this moment along with many more like it as the day continued. Guests began to trickle in. My team and I are onsite to direct them to the ceremony and answer any questions they may have. Before I know it I am lining up the bridal party making sure everyone is in place and ready to cue the Dj Josh, a friend of the couple, who does both the ceremony and reception. He knows how to get a party started and keep it rockin all night! The ceremony was officiated by Jon Neal with Hope Community Church. Jon was so great with the whole wedding party. He almost felt like family during the big day!


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After the ceremony all of the guest headed back to the reception site. Cocktail hour is held on the patio hosted by With a Twist service. The Blue Door Pub arrives and fluently takes over the kitchen. I have to give Molly and her staff a big round of applause for how well they performed, so professional. They served and maintained a spectacular assorted burger bar. As well as coffee and water service. They were swift and clean. After dinner, desserts were served and the first dance was underway. Let me tell you, it was the most perfect moment I have ever been a part of. They danced away under the stars like no one was watching. It was the most romantic and perfectly set evening. Next up was the big exit. It went as planned, the guests lined up as Rustic Elegance helped them light their sparklers. Moments later the bride and groom ran out under the stars and through their friends & family to their getaway car, a lost tradition reclaimed. Thankfully their friend Bjorn the videographer was there to capture it all! I just have to say it was a pleasure working with Lauren & Drew and all the wonderful Vendors involved. So here’s to Lauren & Drew wishing them the best of luck in their future endeavors. Cheers!
~ Lynse Mae / Rustic Elegance, Lead Coordinator

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Venue: Camp Lakamaga
Planning: Rustic Elegance
Rentals: Ultimate Events
Florist: Laine Moire Floral Design
Officiant: Hope Community Church
Photographer: Levi Tijerina Photography
Caterer: The Blue Door Pub
Desserts: Keys Cafe
Bartending: With a Twist