Wedding Planning, Settlement Hill Farm, Kristan and Jon

Rustic Elegance was invited to partake in an open house to promote our services and this is where Kellie & I meet Jon. Jon also had a booth representing his company Devine Liquors. We were cruising around the venue chatting and getting to know other vendors when we find Jon’s company on the patio. Of course we were going to stop it was a beer trailer. That’s what caught our eye but Jon is the one who made us stay. We found out he was recently engaged and he melted our hearts with his proposal story. Let me tell you I wanted really wanted to assist with this rustic wedding! You could literally see the love pouring out of his eyes and I hoped that I would get to meet this wonderful woman he would soon call his wife. Shortly after the open house we met for coffee and I seriously couldn’t stop smiling-they are the most lighthearted couple who seem to know this secret to a happy relationship. The way they looked at each other and the banter back and forth. It just makes you feel good inside. I am happy to tell you they booked and I could not wait to start planning with Kristan.

They decided on was Settlement Hill Farm and the date was set for September 12th. The morning began as the bridal party arrived for hair & makeup approximately 9am. Evonne, the owner of the barn turned the lower level of her house into a bridal suite complete with a kitchen. Meanwhile at the barn, I began placing the linens on the tables that Busters rentals had delivered the night before.



Kristan & Jon decided to go with their local farmers market for their florals. The flowers arrived shortly after I did, and they were so beautiful. Buckets & buckets of the brightest loose leaf flowers I had ever seen. The rustic barn smelt like a spring meadow. Normally the florist would piece together the centerpieces and bouquets but instead we had a wonderful team consisting of a few family members and myself. The family finished up the centerpieces while I was fortunate enough to have some spare time to tap into my inner florist and created the bride’s bouquet while my assistant Lanae helped create 3 for Kristan’s bridesmaids. There ended up being about 4 or 5 buckets of leftover flowers and I recalled back on my meetings with Kristan, how she envisioned flowers being the main statement when guest arrived for dinner. Wanting the day to be exactly that, Rustic Elegance hustled around and cut just the blooms off of the stems and placed them like garland all along the back of the bar as well as the ledges outlining the entire cocktail hour and seating charts.

Kristan was all polished up and ready for their first look. Ester Knowlen Photography was standing by to capture this moment-one of many she would catch during the day. Ester had a wonderful light about her, very easy to work with. You can also see photos of the couple on her website. I recommend looking into her-she brought out Kristan & Jon’s personality perfectly. And captured many delightful photos of their daughter Miabella.

The vendors began to arrive and I was there to greet them. The first was a friend of theirs who was helping cater Main Street Bar and Grill. I lead her to the kitchen and explained what and where everything was located for her to accomplish her job. The second was Mama Marias & Bo’s Jo’s Creations with cupcakes & the bride and groom cake. Anne the mother of the bride also made 15 delicious pies that Rustic Elegance would serve after dinner.

The Ceremony was held in the midst of apple trees that were planted in the front of the landscape, with the barn as a magnificent backdrop. The crisp white chairs were placed carefully underneath the ripe branches. The bright red apples complimented these chairs quite well on this perfect fall day. As my team and I finish up the last minute touches the guests begin to arrive. With everything in place the wedding party and I wait in the barn for the music to que. Such a beautiful and happy ceremony. Family and friends then join the couple for short cocktail hour where they provided their beer trailer right outside the barn. Jon and Kristan look so happy to be surrounded by the ones they love.

After dinner the couple invited their guest to join them upstairs for their first dance as Mr. & Mrs. Dan with Adagio can read the vibe of the couple and their guest very well. He picked the songs without missing beat and kept them dance all night! I would have to say once of my favorite memories from this wedding was capturing Jon & Kristan Whip……and yes, Nay Nay flawlessly while friends danced in a circle around them. I wish you the best in love & life. It was a pleasure working with both of you! Jon your sense of humor will be missed.

-Lynse Mae / Rustic Elegance, Lead Coordinator

Venue: Settlement Hill Farm
DeVine Liquors: Devine Liquors
Photographer: Ester Knowlen
Caterer: Main Street Bar and Grill
Dj: Dan with Adagio
Rentals: Busters
Dessert: Mama Marias & Bo’s Jo’s Creations