Wedding Planner, Camrose Hill, Leah & LIz

We are so excited to share with you Leah & Liz’s wedding that took place at Camrose Hill Farm, bright and early on a Sunday morning in June. The ladies decided that a brunch celebration at this fairy-tale like venue perfectly fit their style. When touring Camrose Hill Farm with them and talking about their wedding version, I quickly became super excited and couldn’t wait for their wedding day to come. This venue is AMAZING!! It has everything: Not one, but two ceremony locations to pick from, an outdoor tented space in the middle of the woods for the reception, a cute cottage to get ready in and even a barn to host the ceremony, in case of rain. The fact that Camrose Hill Farm is also a florist couldn’t be more perfect-flowers, greens, vines and gardens are present in abundance throughout the grounds. Walking into Camrose is like waking up in a dream.

Rustic Elegance arrived on-site bright and early at 6:30am (we aren’t morning people so this was an accomplishment already). Ultimate Events arrived and worked quickly to take down the tables chairs etc from a wedding held there the night before, and then reset everything! With a 10am ceremony start, we had to work quickly to get every last detail set up perfectly. There was a pretty high chance of rain forecast that day, so we had to make a quick decision if the chairs (that couldn’t get wet) should be set up in the barn for the backup plan, but luckily we went with our gut and had the ceremony outside and it turned out to be a super sunshiny day.. yay!

Leah and Liz arrived and proceeded to get ready separately in the cute little cottage. A friend of theirs did their hair and make-up as they anxiously awaited their first look. Jackson with A Frame Forward Photography captured this special moment as they saw each other for the first time. (love these pics of them btw)! Jackson was super fun to work with throughout the day… He ran around all day and I don’t think I ever saw him stand still and not have his camera in hand, ready to catch the shot! Thank you Jackson for sharing these great photos with us!

Guests started arriving and enjoyed coffee and biscotti as they waited for the ceremony to begin. We helped direct parking and escorted the elderly guests to the ceremony site using a golf cart. The ladies signed the Ketubah and marriage license among family and friends in the cottage. Danielle, one of our amazing assistants, worked to get the flower girls and ring bears ready; no small task! Leah and Liz named this group “The Giggle” since there were 12 of them! One little guy even got to ride down the aisle in a wagon. All the girls were decorated with a flower crown and a basket of pedals and the boys were given bubble wands. Once ‘The Giggle’ was ready, the musicians in place, Melissa the Rabi situated front and center, and all the guests were seated, we were ready to start.

What a great moment: The sun was shining, bubbles were flowing, flower pedals everywhere, musicians playing away and everyone made it down the aisle ON TIME!-despite our time constraint. This is where we sit back, look around and our heart smiles because we truly love what we do!

After the ceremony, guests enjoyed yard games, fun photo props, dancing to the musicians, a fresh squeezed juice bar (provided by With a Twist), and also just took in all the gardens and the beautiful scenery. Deco Catering busily prepared a delicious brunch spread. Wow! I mean Wow! The brunch they put on was truly amazing! Not only was the food top notch, the buffet was beautifully set up and their service was amazing! We highly recommend Deco Catering! As people went through the buffet line, we worked on getting the dessert buffet set up with Nadia Cakes (our fav). We love that Leah and Liz chose to display the cupcakes on our tree cupcake stand, from our Rental Collection, which perfectly complimented the surroundings.

As the afternoon came to a close, the couple partook in a fun family tradition called the Abrems Dance (See video below). This was so fun to see…family and friends attached bells to their legs, surround Leah and Liz, and danced in a circle around them to the sweet sound of fiddler music. How heart warming!

We are so lucky to have been a part of Leah and Liz’s wedding and loved every minute of helping them plan the perfect day! We wish these two the best in love and happiness and so thank you for including Rustic Elegance in your special day!

Photographer: A Frame Forward Photography
Venue: Camrose Hill Flowers
Florist: Camrose Hill Flowers
Caterer: Deco Catering
Bartending: With a Twist
Rentals: Ultimate Events
Music: Sidwalk Cafe
Desserts: Nadia Cakes
Planning: Rustic Elegance
Rustic Decor: Rustic Elegance
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