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Throughout our time as wedding coordinators, we have seen a variety of U N I T Y symbols at different weddings. Although they are not necessarily a part of every wedding, they provide something that the couple can take home with them, that signifies the unifying of both individuals. Here are a few I D E A S that we’ve seen throughout our time at Rustic Elegance:

Think about having two different colors of sand in small vases, and a big vase in the center. When ready, you can pour the two different colors of sand into the larger vase, each taking turns on layering the sand. This exemplifies balance and patience in day to day life, and can serve as a constant reminder to communicate. Tiffany + Derek used this unity symbol for their wedding + it turned out A M A Z I N G!

Day of Coordinator, Tips + Tricks, Unity Symbols_0569.jpgPhoto by: Sophisticated Grace Photography

Day of Coordinator, Tips + Tricks, Unity Symbols_0570.jpgPhoto by: Sophisticated Grace Photography

As a symbol of new journeys and new life, we have had two couples [Kailee + Derek and Kelsey + Issac] plant a tree in a pot at their ceremony. We absolutely L O V E D that this tree would grow along with the couple as they begin this new journey of married life together.

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If you and your partner are lovers of W I N E, a fun unity idea is to box up a bottle of wine for an anniversary to come! You could also add notes into the box, or get a bottle of wine that was bottled the same year as your wedding. On that anniversary down the road, you can open the box of wine, and reminisce on your W E D D I N G day. Abby + Casey opted for this unity symbol, and it was A D O R A B L E!

A very unique unity symbol that we came across at Lisa + Robin’s wedding was a F I R E W O R K! Yes – that’s right – a big loud B O O M to celebrate the unity of these two lovebirds! Guests were definitely surprised + loved it!

Day of Coordinator, Tips + Tricks, Unity Symbols_0567.jpgPhoto by: Caroline Henderson

A balloon release can be so B E A U T I F U L + simple! Chastity + Jake did a balloon release with their [A D O R A B L E] kids. Emily + Nick had their flower girls carry the balloons up the aisle while they were walking down. Upon the release, it was such a F U N way to celebrate the unity of these two couples.

Day of Coordinator, Tips + Tricks, Unity Symbols_0566.jpgPhoto by: Kate Becker Photography

Another simple + E L E G A N T unity symbol is lighting a candle together. Melanie + Dan and Emily + Kyle did this at their wedding, and the presentation was so S W E E T. A note for those planning – if you are having an outdoor wedding, you’ll want to make sure to have your candle inside of a lantern or glass container to control the flame from blowing out. Also don’t forget a L I G H T E R.

Day of Coordinator, Tips + Tricks, Unity Symbols_0565.jpgPhoto by: Shelley Kay Photography

Day of Coordinator, Tips + Tricks, Unity Symbols_0564.jpgPhoto by: Shelley Kay Photography

Mel + Chris had the C U T E S T idea of a unity symbol – they brought sand + soil from their cabins and combined them into a beautiful jar to display in their home. Such a fun way to incorporate a little piece of their H O M E away from H O M E on their special day!

One of the more popular unity symbols that we have seen in three weddings [Rachel + Brad, Meghan + Kolten and Amy + Kevin] is the tying of strands or braiding of cords. We L O V E that this can be so symbolic for couples + also ties them in a spiritual way as well [P R O – T I P: make sure you practice this together before your big day, so you have a game plan of how to do].

Day of Coordinator, Tips + Tricks, Unity Symbols_0563.jpgPhoto by: Narvold Photography

Don’t forget to have a small table ordered/provided by your rental company or venue in order to place your unity symbol on if applicable [psst… you can rent these from Rustic Elegance!].

In conclusion, a unity symbol can truly be A N Y T H I N G that is meaningful to the couple. Anything that symbolizes two individuals, coming together as one in a new journey as a married couple. If nothing speaks to you as a couple to use as a unity symbol, you might not need one! There are plenty of weddings that we have helped coordinate that opt out of having a unity symbol at all. As you continue to plan + prep for your day, we wanted to provide you with some fun + unique options for unity symbols, and we hope that this B L O G helps you decide!

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