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We had a blast meeting James and Mary at Jean Acres Barn! This newly renovated barn is set in beautiful rural Ellsworth Wisconsin and can host up to 200+ people! You are sure to fall in love with the custom bridal suite. The lower level of the barn has been turned into a perfect place for cocktail hour, including a built in wood bar, bathrooms and even a spiral staircase. James and Mary are wonderful and are sure to help make your day everything you dreamed your barn wedding would be! We would love to help plan your wedding here. Thank you Jeannine Marie Photography for these great pics! Thanks for having us out James and Mary!

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Wedding Planner, Make up tips for the Outdoor Bride

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Of course you want to look your best on your wedding day… We asked Make-up Artist, Jenny Davis for some tips on, “How to be the most FLAWLESS outside Bride”. We love her suggestions-Thanks Jenny! Here is what she had to say:

Outside weddings are amazing. The backdrop is naturally beautiful, the fresh air feels great and the pictures are always stunning. But, let’s face it…they can be a bit challenging if you are the bride. You woke up so early to make sure you looked perfect, but how do you make it last all day? Here are a few tips to stay gorgeous all day long, as you are meant to be.

First of all, if you are getting married outside, let’s be honest- it’s probably pretty warm out…I’m thinking Spring, Summer, Fall. Always start your makeup regime with a primer. The whole point of the primer is to fill in your pores, yes, but it also helps keep your makeup in place and not moving or sliding off your face. This is a key step. Just do it.

Always choose matte makeup when you are going to be outdoors and especially when you are going to be photographed all day. Glosses and ‘dewiness’ can appear shiny and sweaty in pictures. Nobody wants that. Also, choose waterproof options when available (i.e. mascara). This not only will help when you see your hot husband-to-be and tear up a bit, but it will also protect your face from sweaty makeup. But, with that said…..sweat happens. Buy some Blotting Strips and keep them close (…that’s what your friends are for…). A quick face blot will clear the shininess right up and won’t mess up the rest of your look. Last but not least, Makeup Finishing Spray. One spray to your freshly applied makeup can work wonders. It’s made to keep everything in place. All of these products can be bought at any drug or department store. You don’t have to buy expensive to look expensive.

One last little word of advice…choose your outdoor makeup look based upon the time of day you are getting married. For afternoon weddings, when the sun is full and bright, choose a little bit lighter makeup, the natural light will give you a nice glow. For late-afternoon/ evening weddings, when it’s a bit dusk, maybe choose a little darker of an eye or play up your lips….the setting sun outside will pick this up and make your makeup look stunning.

Whatever kind of makeup you choose on what’s probably going to be one of the best days of your life….that guy at the end of the aisle has probably seen you in sweatpants or with last nights’ makeup look still rockin the next morning. He loves you. Don’t stress. Enjoy the moments….he thinks you are flawless no matter what.

Jenny Davis

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Make-up and Hair done by: Make-up Artist, Jenny Davis