Wedding Planning, Rolling Ridge Wedding and Event Center

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Rustic Elegance had the pleasure of meeting Randy and Nancy of Rolling Ridge Wedding and Event Center this past summer. We got to spend some time at the barn and absolutely fell in love! From the moment we drove onto the property we could tell that no detail was forgotten. From the landscaping to the bridal suite-this place is amazing!

The large 1800’s timber-framed barn has been completely restored and renovated (which now includes a sound system, heating, AC and every so carefully placed chandeliers). The property also includes a Roosters Roost for the groomsmen, a built in bar/lounge (including bathrooms), and did we mention the perfectly set up bridal suite..?

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Located just north of St. Cloud, the historic barn can host up to 300 guests. You will be happy to know that the rental fee also includes the tables and chairs. Rolling Ridge has partnered with a great catering company called Custom Catering, who can offer both food and beverage services. Rolling Ridge has a few ceremony options, including the rolling hills among the large oaks, the barn and also a unique space along side the original rock barn wall (our fav).

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If you are looking for a unique barn venue that has all the bells and whistles, we highly recommend you check out Rolling Ridge Wedding and Event Center. We are excited to be out here a couple times this summer to help with wedding planning.

Thank you to 99 Perspectives for these great photos!

Wedding Planning, Settlement Hill Farm, Kristan and Jon

Rustic Elegance was invited to partake in an open house to promote our services and this is where Kellie & I meet Jon. Jon also had a booth representing his company Devine Liquors. We were cruising around the venue chatting and getting to know other vendors when we find Jon’s company on the patio. Of course we were going to stop it was a beer trailer. That’s what caught our eye but Jon is the one who made us stay. We found out he was recently engaged and he melted our hearts with his proposal story. Let me tell you I wanted really wanted to assist with this rustic wedding! You could literally see the love pouring out of his eyes and I hoped that I would get to meet this wonderful woman he would soon call his wife. Shortly after the open house we met for coffee and I seriously couldn’t stop smiling-they are the most lighthearted couple who seem to know this secret to a happy relationship. The way they looked at each other and the banter back and forth. It just makes you feel good inside. I am happy to tell you they booked and I could not wait to start planning with Kristan.

They decided on was Settlement Hill Farm and the date was set for September 12th. The morning began as the bridal party arrived for hair & makeup approximately 9am. Evonne, the owner of the barn turned the lower level of her house into a bridal suite complete with a kitchen. Meanwhile at the barn, I began placing the linens on the tables that Busters rentals had delivered the night before.



Kristan & Jon decided to go with their local farmers market for their florals. The flowers arrived shortly after I did, and they were so beautiful. Buckets & buckets of the brightest loose leaf flowers I had ever seen. The rustic barn smelt like a spring meadow. Normally the florist would piece together the centerpieces and bouquets but instead we had a wonderful team consisting of a few family members and myself. The family finished up the centerpieces while I was fortunate enough to have some spare time to tap into my inner florist and created the bride’s bouquet while my assistant Lanae helped create 3 for Kristan’s bridesmaids. There ended up being about 4 or 5 buckets of leftover flowers and I recalled back on my meetings with Kristan, how she envisioned flowers being the main statement when guest arrived for dinner. Wanting the day to be exactly that, Rustic Elegance hustled around and cut just the blooms off of the stems and placed them like garland all along the back of the bar as well as the ledges outlining the entire cocktail hour and seating charts.

Kristan was all polished up and ready for their first look. Ester Knowlen Photography was standing by to capture this moment-one of many she would catch during the day. Ester had a wonderful light about her, very easy to work with. You can also see photos of the couple on her website. I recommend looking into her-she brought out Kristan & Jon’s personality perfectly. And captured many delightful photos of their daughter Miabella.

The vendors began to arrive and I was there to greet them. The first was a friend of theirs who was helping cater Main Street Bar and Grill. I lead her to the kitchen and explained what and where everything was located for her to accomplish her job. The second was Mama Marias & Bo’s Jo’s Creations with cupcakes & the bride and groom cake. Anne the mother of the bride also made 15 delicious pies that Rustic Elegance would serve after dinner.

The Ceremony was held in the midst of apple trees that were planted in the front of the landscape, with the barn as a magnificent backdrop. The crisp white chairs were placed carefully underneath the ripe branches. The bright red apples complimented these chairs quite well on this perfect fall day. As my team and I finish up the last minute touches the guests begin to arrive. With everything in place the wedding party and I wait in the barn for the music to que. Such a beautiful and happy ceremony. Family and friends then join the couple for short cocktail hour where they provided their beer trailer right outside the barn. Jon and Kristan look so happy to be surrounded by the ones they love.

After dinner the couple invited their guest to join them upstairs for their first dance as Mr. & Mrs. Dan with Adagio can read the vibe of the couple and their guest very well. He picked the songs without missing beat and kept them dance all night! I would have to say once of my favorite memories from this wedding was capturing Jon & Kristan Whip……and yes, Nay Nay flawlessly while friends danced in a circle around them. I wish you the best in love & life. It was a pleasure working with both of you! Jon your sense of humor will be missed.

-Lynse Mae / Rustic Elegance, Lead Coordinator

Venue: Settlement Hill Farm
DeVine Liquors: Devine Liquors
Photographer: Ester Knowlen
Caterer: Main Street Bar and Grill
Dj: Dan with Adagio
Rentals: Busters
Dessert: Mama Marias & Bo’s Jo’s Creations

MN Wedding Planner, Meet the owner, Kellie…

Thank you Studio Starfish for taking this photo!

Tell us a bit about you?
I have been planning weddings since 2012 and love every minute of it! When I’m not in the office or on-site for an event, I enjoy hanging out with a group of awesome wedding vendors I now call friends.

What makes you smile?
Sunshine!! Being outside in nature, horseback riding, snuggling with my doggie and being with family!

What other hobbies do you enjoy?
I play hockey all year round and also play broomball in the winter. I also enjoy being with friends and volunteering… is wine drinking a hobby? 🙂

What’s your favorite flower?
Daffodils!! They are just so happy looking and once you see them start popping out of the ground you know spring is here (and wedding season is just around the corner)!

What romantic film do you like best?
The Notebook.. can’t get any more romantic then that….makes me cry every time!

What’s a fun fact about you?
I have been to the Boundary Waters at least 10 times and love it! And I drove a hearse in College (lol)

What is something people don’t know about you?
I am an only child, but spent my summers at my cousins farm in Freeport, MN where I had a blast running around with my 6 cousins. We worked hard, but played hard and I will always treasure those memories! (My first kiss may have been on this farm and may have happened in the hay loft with the hired hand). 😉

What is your favorite love song?
I don’t think I really have just one favorite, it sort of changes all the time. I like anything country.. and I pretty much love love any song by Jennifer Nettles-man that girl can sing!

What is your favorite dessert?
Cupcakes!! Especially Nadia Cakes-vanilla vanilla..but you can’t go wrong with a good cherry pie also!

Favorite quote?
I have always liked:
Work like you don’t need the money
Dance like no one is watching and
Love like you’ve never been hurt!

Why did you get into wedding planning?
Well, I worked in graphic design for 10 years and felt like I needed a change. I sort of felt lifeless sitting at a desk all the time and missed seeing the light of day. I got married in my parents backyard and had so much fun planning it! After the wedding, it was my mom who suggested I start my own business helping other people have outdoor weddings. I had worked at fancy clubs all through high school and college so have always been around weddings and events…and so I took my moms idea and ran with it and couldn’t be happier!

What is your favorite part of the wedding day?
I love seeing the bride in her dress and all done up for the first time.. We spend a lot of time working together and its so fun seeing her at her best, looking so happy and pretty-usually makes me tear up. I also love that moment of seeing the tent/barn, after everything is set up and ready to go. We have spent months figuring out all the little details, planning and envisioning-seeing it all come together brings me such gratitude and joy. I just love this moment of calmness in the space before all the excitement begins.

Why do you love Rustic Style Weddings?
I think my love for the Rustic Style weddings steams back to my childhood from being on the farm. I love nature and being outside and its fun seeing guests enjoy the laid back atmosphere. I love everything about them…the yard games, kids running around happily and you can’t beat a bon-fire and smores! I also feel like I relate to the rustic type bride-our personalities usually just end up clicking. I also just love the romantic feel of a tent or barn nicely decorated with twinkling lights, chandeliers and candle light. To me, this is romance at its peak!

Any great stories or moments from past weddings?
The first one that comes to mind happened at a wedding this past summer where it started to rain. I was drying off the dance floor from foot traffic, which was under the tent, when a car started driving towards me and got its front tire on the dance floor before I could stop it. It was a cute older lady, who was picking up another older lady and didn’t want her to have to get wet. She thought the dance floor was cement. yikes… All was good and she ended up backing out and the dance floor was fine. But I can’t imagine what would have happened to the dance floor if she had driven across it!

What tips or advice do you have for couples working on planning their wedding day?

Look into the vendors you are hiring, check reviews and ask around. The vendors you choose are the key players of your day and you want to make sure they have experience with the outdoor type wedding! Make sure to ask a lot of questions! Ladies make sure to get your dress at least 6 months before the date, don’t forget the marriage license, order sidewalls for your tent just in case, and also make sure you pick a photographer that you and your groom can relate to and feel comfortable around-as they will most likely be following you around all day 🙂

Best advice for the bride on her big day?
Breath, eat, drink lots of water and don’t sweat the small stuff! I recommend appointing someone to make decisions and answer questions on your behalf. Everyone wants to please the bride and therefore will end up bombarding you with questions on your day. So assign someone this task or hire a wedding planner 🙂 to do this for you! I also recommend at some point in the wedding day, taking time for just you and your groom. The day goes by way to fast and you will be pulled in many different directions. Add 15 minuets in the schedule for just the two of you to enjoy!

Wedding Planning, Outdoor Wedding, Lauren and Drew

On Sept 5th of 2015 I was fortunate enough to be a part of Lauren & Drew’s very unique day. Months prior to the wedding they had brought me out to Camp Lakamaga near Marine on St. Croix. During the summer months they hold girls scout camp here. So this was definitely a challenge, to transform a girl scout camp into a rustic woodsy yet very elegant atmosphere. Sometimes I had to laugh to myself because during this whole process I think Lauren, Drew & myself were the only ones that could actually picture the end result! The landscape was spectacular and so natural. After meeting with the couple I knew this venue meshed perfectly with their personalities. So laid back, earthy with a warm feel. This is my ultimate goal as a wedding planner, to bring out the couples lives and passions into the big day of celebrating the love they have for each other.

Normally I would start this story on the day, but Lauren & Drew’s celebration started early. They had close friends and family to the camp on Friday to help celebrate their rehearsal dinner. In which they had hired a Wood Fire Pizza Truck to come onsite and cook for them and their guests. I happened to still be around setting up for the next day and was lucky enough to snag a slice. Mmaazziing, it brought such a fun ambiance to the evening that ended in s’mores provided by the couple.

Wedding Planning, outdoor wedding_0518.jpg

Wedding Planning, outdoor wedding_0519.jpg

Saturday began with the ladies getting ready in Stillwater, where they had brunch before hair and makeup which was done by Amy, the maid of honor. The gentleman spent the night at the camp and woke up early to help me hang a few outdoor café lights. This was a last minute decision to have the dance outside because the weather had permitted. I was up for the challenge. A little trail headed through the woods into a large beautiful field, this is where the ceremony would take place. Thank you to Ultimate Events for delivering drapery and wood back chairs. Rustic Elegance began to drape the pavilion with white satin where the wedding party would tuck away. We placed 257 chairs perfectly, facing a beautiful arch Drew had made for Lauren. The arch was perfectly pieced together with greenery by Laine Moire Floral Design. They also assisted with the centerpieces for the reception. I have to say the way the head table was layered with greenery was absolutely immaculate.

Wedding Planning, outdoor wedding_0528.jpg

Lauren & Drew decided to share snacks with their guests during the ceremony in which they provided 2 different infused waters 1 being a blackberry sage the other was strawberry basil. The couple also provided an assortment of popcorn. This idea was a big hit with the guests. Grab your beverage a small bag of popcorn along with your program and enjoy the love story unfolding before your eyes. While we finished setting up the ceremony Keys Cafe arrived with the small wedding cake & delicious cupcakes. Later in the evening they would share a table with homemade pies which the aunts partook in making.

Wedding Planning, outdoor wedding_0522.jpgWedding Planning, outdoor wedding_0529.jpgWedding Planning, outdoor wedding_0530.jpg


The wedding party began to arrive, while the couple finished up their last minute touches. Drew awaits Lauren down by the lake, Lauren then takes her stroll through the woods to meet the man she will spend the rest of her life with. Levi Tijerina was the amazing, well-traveled photographer with a creative eye for detail who captured this moment along with many more like it as the day continued. Guests began to trickle in. My team and I are onsite to direct them to the ceremony and answer any questions they may have. Before I know it I am lining up the bridal party making sure everyone is in place and ready to cue the Dj Josh, a friend of the couple, who does both the ceremony and reception. He knows how to get a party started and keep it rockin all night! The ceremony was officiated by Jon Neal with Hope Community Church. Jon was so great with the whole wedding party. He almost felt like family during the big day!


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After the ceremony all of the guest headed back to the reception site. Cocktail hour is held on the patio hosted by With a Twist service. The Blue Door Pub arrives and fluently takes over the kitchen. I have to give Molly and her staff a big round of applause for how well they performed, so professional. They served and maintained a spectacular assorted burger bar. As well as coffee and water service. They were swift and clean. After dinner, desserts were served and the first dance was underway. Let me tell you, it was the most perfect moment I have ever been a part of. They danced away under the stars like no one was watching. It was the most romantic and perfectly set evening. Next up was the big exit. It went as planned, the guests lined up as Rustic Elegance helped them light their sparklers. Moments later the bride and groom ran out under the stars and through their friends & family to their getaway car, a lost tradition reclaimed. Thankfully their friend Bjorn the videographer was there to capture it all! I just have to say it was a pleasure working with Lauren & Drew and all the wonderful Vendors involved. So here’s to Lauren & Drew wishing them the best of luck in their future endeavors. Cheers!
~ Lynse Mae / Rustic Elegance, Lead Coordinator

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Wedding Planning, outdoor wedding_0524.jpg

Venue: Camp Lakamaga
Planning: Rustic Elegance
Rentals: Ultimate Events
Florist: Laine Moire Floral Design
Officiant: Hope Community Church
Photographer: Levi Tijerina Photography
Caterer: The Blue Door Pub
Desserts: Keys Cafe
Bartending: With a Twist

Backyard Wedding, Jolene & Matt

Wedding Planner, Backyard Tent Wedding_0509.jpg

Jolene and Matt chose to host their wedding and reception at their home in Faribault MN. Rustic Elegance teamed up with Belle Noelle Events and Design to co-plan this amazing event! The day couldn’t have been any more perfect. We set out 325 chairs facing the lake where the ceremony took place. The pergola was ever so carefully decorated with brightly popping flowers by Judys Floral Design. The wedding party was escorted down to the ceremony site by horse and hay wagon. The guests oo and awed as the cute little ring bearers made their entrance. After the I-do’s had been said, guests made their way up to the eloquently decorated tent reception. The carefully hung 12-light chandelier and sheer draping by We’ve Got it Covered, wowed the guests as they entered the reception. The Guests enjoyed cocktails and passed appetizers provided by This Little Piggy Catering and kids of all ages enjoyed yard games and fun outdoor activities. When it was time for dinner, guests took their seats and Joleen and Matt made their  entrance. The wedding party was seated at a grand head table, which consisted of 4 farm tables, burlap and lace runners from our rental collection, lots of glowing candles and tons of brightly popping flowers. As always, This Little Piggy Catering put on an amazing dinner buffet. Speeches were given, which bought tears to most and then it was time to enjoy desserts! Jolene and Matt chose to do a dessert buffet which consisted of cupcakes by Blue Bird Cakery (YUM!!), pies, cookies, bars, cake.. etc… The night came to a close with an emotional wish lantern ceremony (check out the video below), dancing and ended with a bang of surprise fireworks. We feel so grateful to have met Jolene and Matt and felt honored to have been apart of their day! Special thanks to Bethany Meister Photography for sharing this outstanding photos with us!!

Event Design and Planning, Rustic Rentals: Rustic Elegance and Belle Noelle Events and Design
Photography: Bethany Meister Photography
Catering: This Little Piggy Catering
Desserts: Blue Bird Cakery
Florial: Judys Floral Design
Linens and Draping: We’ve Got it Covered
Rentals: Ultimate Events

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