Tips + Tricks | Planning the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

As a wedding coordinator, we are here to make your day E A S Y! We wanted to again share a few of our biggest tips & tricks when planning an outdoor wedding in order to make your day P E R F E C T!

Rain rain, go away! As you know, Mother Nature has a mind of her own. As much as we can try to predict the weather, you may be blessed with extreme heat, rain, wind, or in Minnesota/Wisconsin, even snow on your wedding day. Be sure to have a “back up plan” prepared and have a team to help execute in case the elements get in your way. Think ahead in providing weather appropriate accessories for you, your bridal party + guests: umbrellas, cute rain boots, sunscreen, bug spray, fans, heaters, blankets, tent side walls etc. Your guests will be thanking Y O U for taking care of them.

Image by Kate Becker Photography

Don’t forget about D A N C I N G shoes: Your wedding day consists of a L O N G day on your feet! To make sure you and your guests can last all night out on the D A N C E floor, consider suggesting guests wear comfy + grass friendly shoes. Flip flops in your wedding color make the P E R F E C T “dancing shoes” to have on hand for those guests who insisted on wearing cute heels and are now dancing in their bare feet! Also, make sure if your shoes are O H – S O cute, but maybe not so comfy, that you also bring a pair of reception shoes to switch into.

W A T E R! Prep for the elements by providing lots of water for your bridal party + guests as they arrive onsite for the wedding. Think of having a H Y D R A T I O N station at the reception to ensure guests have access to water at all times. Consider adding fun flavors – berries, cucumbers or lemons, to the beverage jugs for a twist to the traditional beverage station [+ don’t forget ice/coolers]!

Image by: Ester Knowlen Photography

Did someone say PIZZA: Late night snacks are L O V E D by all! Who doesn’t enjoy a slice of yummy pizza after having a few drinks and a showing off your dance moves?! Consider adding late night [gourmet] s’mores, a popcorn bar, a mac and cheese bar or a wood fire pizza buffet to refuel your guests before they hit the dance floor for the last few songs!

Image by: Jeannine Marie Photography

Tick Tock: Suddenly, it’s the end of the night! What are you going to do with all of the decor, presents, cards, leftover desserts, florist items etc? Have a game plan figured out ahead of time as to what goes where, who does what, what vendors are coming back at the end of the night etc.  This will ease the stress for you, your family and friends at the end of the night.

Hope these items help you perfect your plans for your future outdoor wedding!


Kellie + the Rustic Elegance Team

Image provided by: Jeannine Marie Photography