Charlotte + Jonathan | Green Acres Event Center

Charlotte & Jonathan where do we even start with this sweet couple? Lead coordinator Kellie planned with Charlotte and her mom and loved helping them envision the perfect wedding day for the couple while Jonathan completed training for the military. The couple tied the knot at Green Acres Event Center, a beautiful barn situated in Eden Prairie [who we love working with!].

The August wedding date was finally here, and it was a B E A U T I F U L day! The couple opted to have their ceremony at the outside location at Green Acres surrounded by the trees & nature. Decor included the Rustic Elegance ceremony doors with double barrels at the entrance. 101 Market brought gorgeous floral for the doors and barrels making for a S T U N N I N G entrance for the wedding party to walk down the aisle through. Finally, it was ceremony time & guests watched Charlotte enter with her father gracefully down the aisle as she met the love of her life at the front of the podium. In a short & sweet ceremony, the couple tied the knot with their closest family and friends, and Spicy Meatball Photography was there to capture all of the special moments.

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Day of Coordinator, Charlotte + Jonathan, Green Acres_1340.jpg

Day of Coordinator, Charlotte + Jonathan, Green Acres_1348.jpg

Day of Coordinator, Charlotte + Jonathan, Green Acres_1349.jpg

On the inside of the barn, the set-up crew at Green Acres placed linens and dinnerware while the Rustic Elegance team placed decor throughout. The dessert table was A M A Z I N G with treats and a cake from Sweet Assurance. Following the ceremony, guests enjoyed cocktail hour and passed appetizers outside before heading in for the buffet style dinner from Deco Catering. After an amazing dinner & F A B speeches, it was time to dance the night away! Spicy Meatball did photography, DJing and a photo booth for this wedding and did a G R E A T job with all of these duties!

Day of Coordinator, Charlotte + Jonathan, Green Acres_1337.jpg

Day of Coordinator, Charlotte + Jonathan, Green Acres_1342.jpg

Day of Coordinator, Charlotte + Jonathan, Green Acres_1344.jpg

The couple ended the night with the bride doing a dress change into her getaway dress, and exited through a P E R F E C T sparkler send off. Charlotte and Jonathan, we hope that married life is a T R E A T and that you two are enjoying it! Thank you for including Rustic Elegance as the day-of-coordinator for your wedding – we L O V E D working with you. Special shout out to Spicy Meatball Photography for sharing these great photos with us!

Venue: Green Acres Event Center
Catering & Bartending: Deco Catering
DJ, Photographer & Photobooth: Spicy Meatball Photography
Floral: 101 Market
Desserts: Sweet Assurance
Makeup: Sara Wilhelm
Dress: Carrie Johnson Bridal
Coordination/Decor: Rustic Elegance
Day of Coordinator, Charlotte + Jonathan, Green Acres_1341.jpg

Day of Coordinator, Charlotte + Jonathan, Green Acres_1343.jpg

Day of Coordinator, Charlotte + Jonathan, Green Acres_1345.jpg

Day of Coordinator, Charlotte + Jonathan, Green Acres_1346.jpg

Day of Coordinator, Charlotte + Jonathan, Green Acres_1347.jpg

The 6 L A YE R S [ingredients] of your Dessert Display

Image by: Asher Marie Photography

As wedding coordinators, we see a L O T of different dessert displays. In order to spark your creativity for your wedding, we’ve added some of our pointers below to get you started thinking about S W E E T treats for your special day!

Choose a sweet treat that best fits Y O U: Traditional wedding cake, cupcakes, bundt cakes, pies, donuts, cookies, bars, ice cream, macaroons… how could you possibly decide? We think lots of taste tasting will be sure to help! Decide on a dessert that best fits you and your partner. If you’re not a fan of cake, go for pie or a mix of dessert options! You can also get creative and mix + match dessert options. Whatever you choose, your guests will be sure to love the sweet treat you decide on!

Start from the bottom layer: Consider what these sweet treats are going to be displayed on – will they be set on a table with a fancy linen, a farm table, a vintage hutch, or maybe the ever so popular wine barrels, with a door across? There are so many F U N options to display your dessert of choice!

Image by: 99 Perspectives

S T A N D tall: Dessert stands can offer decorative flair and also be functional in utilizing space for as many desserts to be set out as possible. Decide on a type of stand that best fits the rest of your decor – are they black, silver, white, glass, wood, round, pedestals, trays, etc.? Consider adding D E P T H to your dessert display to create interest. Do this by including wooden boxes, crates, tree trunk slices or different heights of dessert stands.

Don’t forget the frosting: Including additional decor is a M U S T! Add signage to let your guests know their options. Chalkboards are an easy and efficient way to let guests know what they are getting into, especially if there are any dietary restrictions! Consider a “Love is Sweet” banner, extra florals or greenery, as well as candles, votives or even lanterns. Get V I N T A G E – add fun mismatched dessert plates to the buffet – they act as a fun decor piece and are also functional!

Personalize it: Consider adding a Mr. + Mrs. fork and personalized knife/server for the cake cutting photos. Personalized napkins are A D O R A B L E too!

Image by: Jeannine Marie Photography

Don’t underestimate: Most importantly don’t underestimate on the number of “pieces” of sweet treats you offer. If you are offering a variety of desserts or flavors, keep in mind guests may enjoy trying one of each. That being said, make sure you or your dessert vendor provides “to go” boxes, just in case there are a few left, in which case you can then enjoy for breakfast.

Hope these items help you perfect your wedding dessert display!


Kellie + the Rustic Elegance Team

Image by: Jeannine Marie Photography